Neb W. Rellim

– An Intimate Diary of My Life –

Three Facts!

So I have been thinking for the last day or so, what the best way is to describe myself to you all. But, to put it bluntly, I am having a real difficult time. Sometimes I put in to much information in, or not enough. Well, I have decided I will leave you all with three facts. One: I am a 20-year-old University student in the United States. Two: I have no idea of what I aspire to be or really have any career goals. Three: I would love to travel, anywhere and everywhere.

Now for everything else, you must find out for yourself

Neb W. Rellim



I like to think in many instances, the creator of a blog has no idea what they will ultimately create. What they, as creator, will allow the public to know, or where their creation will go. I, like many others, am no exception. I am clueless of how blogs work. But I also feel I want a place to express my thoughts, and allow my self a place to be open and honest with anyone (with strangers).  And like in many things I have to allow myself to try.

That is what this blog will be, a place where I can be free to post my opinions, thoughts, and ideas for anyone to read. I would also like it to  be a place for you to feel welcome to respond.

Side note. This introduction kinda makes me sound crazy as I am writing it, but I am going to go with it.

But for now this is the introduction to me.

Neb W. Rellim
The intimate diary of my life.